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Stricter Coronavirus Restrictions Implemented by Israel as Cases Surge

Aug 16, 2021

In recent news, the government of the State of Israel implemented newer restrictions of the novel coronavirus. This includes the sweeping imposition of a digital vaccine passport, as well as tighter restrictions on large gatherings. The increased strictness comes against the backdrop of skyrocketing infections of the deadly disease in the country. 

Just a couple of months ago, the country appeared to have put the coronavirus pandemic behind it. It had led a vaccine campaign and lifted a majority of restrictions. However, the coronavirus cabinet has now reintroduced regulations to try and contain the rise in the number of infections.

A day ago, the cabinet approved various tighter measures, which included placing a limit on the number of people allowed to gather indoors. It was further decided that entry would be restricted to restaurants and venues and only holders of the Green Pass will be permitted to enter. Additional cases of the ultra-infectious Delta variant of the deadly disease have been discovered across Israel, despite the nationwide vaccination campaign being run by the government. 

The Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, added that the government is going to be providing a booster to the healthcare system in the country by imposing these restrictions, as the coronavirus cases climb continuously. He went on to say that Israel is making preparations for mass hospitalizations in the future, seeing the increase in serious patients as well. 

According to the leader, the government is going to be allocating a total of 2.5 billion shekels, or $774 million, to boost the capacity at hospitals across the country. 

Despite the success of its vaccination campaign, Israel has been witnessing a rise in coronavirus cases in the last couple of weeks. The Health Ministry provided an update on Thursday, revealing that a total of 5,755 cases had been recorded a day before. These are the highest number of cases to have been reported in a single day since the month of February. From 19 serious patients registered in Israel in the middle of June, the country now has 400 patients with serious symptoms of the deadly disease. 

Up until now, 6,580 citizens of the State of Israel have lost their lives to the dangerous contagion, as revealed by the Health Ministry.

In the month of May, the government had lifted most of its coronavirus-related restrictions, soon after witnessing success in its vaccination drive. However, new infections are now on the rise and limitations have been reinstated on assemblies. Wearing masks indoors has also been made mandatory. 

The country has successfully administered two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to around 58% of its total population of 9.3 million citizens. Before the government began the vaccination campaign, Israel had successfully acquired a large supply of the vaccines by agreeing to trade medical data on its administration and effects. 

Late in the month of July, the State of Israel began administering the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to citizens aged 60 and above, as well as immunocompromised individuals in the country. 

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