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SuperCom’s Share Price Rises Due to Coronavirus Electronic Bracelet

Mar 23, 2021

In recent news, SuperCom, an Israeli firm, has witnessed a jump in its Nasdaq share price by no less than 54.5%. This happened soon after the company won the government tenders for the coronavirus electronic bracelets it designed. 

The bracelets have been proving instrumental in ensuring that Israelis returning from abroad are quarantining themselves, as per the coronavirus guidelines outlined by the Health Ministry and the government. 

PureTaq, the bracelet, is an important part of the company’s PureHealth Coronavirus Quarantine Compliance Solution. It also consists of complementary services, as well as the PureCare smartphone.

However, there were some concerns about the electronic bracelet collecting private data, which was later on cleared. It has been revealed that the tool cannot monitor the personal details of the individual wearing it. It is only an indicator of whether or not a person is complying with regulations of quarantine.  

In the case that the wearer violates the quarantine and steps out of the house, the bracelet will not be able to track where they are. Instead, it will alert the relevant authorities of the violation and the fact that the individual has abandoned their confined area, which has been designated to them for the entire duration of the isolation. 

Just a while ago, the firm ran a pilot project at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport and came up successful. The bracelet solution had been quite popular and therefore, in high demand. No less than 91% of the people coming in from abroad had opted for it. 

As a consequence, the Health Ministry requested the company to mass-produce the bracelet and assist in the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the country. This plan includes steps taken to increase the number of citizens being allowed to return to Israel from countries abroad. Many of these returnees have not been given the vaccination and thus, will be required to isolate. 

The success of SuperCom’s coronavirus electronic bracelet has allowed it to forecast a monthly revenue of around $3 million. In comparison, the projected revenue of the firm had initially been $6.8 million for the first six months of the year. 

In other news, citizens of the State of Israel have been granted permission to make the trip to the Seychelles Islands. The archipelagic island country has announced that it will be allowing direct flights to land, specifically those from Tel Aviv. This policy will come into effect from the 23rd of March, Tuesday. 

In addition, various flights will fly in a week between the cities of Mahe and Tel Aviv, on account of the upcoming holidays. Just last month, the Air Seychelles Airline also announced that three flights in a week will be allowed to carry passengers in the months to come. 

These flights will be operational for all those citizens from Israel who have been given both the jabs of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Furthermore, two weeks should have passed after the administration of the second dose. 

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