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Suspected Iranian Hackers Publish Information from Israeli Website

Oct 28, 2021
In recent news, hackers have threatened to release more data of the Shirbit Insurance Company, if they do not receive the required ransom.

An internet hosting company in Israel was breached by possible Iranian hackers and a number of its websites were taken down. As per reports from Hebrew media, on Saturday night, these hackers released some alleged personal data online, including information from an Israeli LGBT website. A nightlife index and also a geo-located dating service named ‘Atraf’s is a popular website and app in the LGBT community in Israel, particularly in the Tel Aviv region. Hebrew media sites reported that names and locations of the users of the website had been posted online. Users had become concerned about the data leak because it could lead to exposure of those who haven’t come out the closet yet.

According to the hackers, the data they had leaked online was just 1% of the data they had actually acquired in the attack. A number of other websites were targeted in the cyberattack, which included Kavim and Dan that are renowned public transportation companies in Israel. An online blog of the public radio, as well as that of a children’s museums, were also targeted and users could not access these websites by midday Saturday. Pegasus, the tourism company, was also one of the targets of the attack. 

Hebrew media reported that a service by the name of Doctor Ticket that could have sensitive medical information was also compromised. Black Shadow is the name of the hacking group that was quick to take responsibility of the attack. Client data was published by the group, including email addresses, names and phone numbers of users of Kavin on the popular messaging app Telegram. The hackers posted a message on Friday night on the app. They disclosed that they had targeted the hosting company ‘Cyberserve’ which had had an impact on their customers due to which people were unable to access the websites. 

They added that people should get in touch with them if they didn’t want their data to be leaked. A while later, they posted that the companies had not contacted them, so they were publishing the data online. That’s when they dumped the data. On Saturday, another message was issued by the group in which they said they were in possession of additional data and it was client information of a travel agency and Dan transportation company. According to Israeli media, this hacking group is linked to Iran and these hackers use cyberattacks for criminal activities. 

Last year in December, the Shirbit insurance firm in Israel had been breached by these hackers and they had stolen a trove of data. They had demanded a ransom of $1 million and began leaking information upon refusal by the company. This new attack comes after the gas distribution system in Iran was attacked this week by an unprecedented and unclaimed cyberattack. Government opponents abroad have been highlighted by Israeli media as culprits. Israel and Iran have been involved in a ‘shadow war’, which includes a number of attacks reported on Iranian and Israeli ships and cyberattacks that the two countries have blamed upon each other. 

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