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Teaching Fellows Given the First Dose of Coronavirus Vaccine

Feb 2, 2021

Teachers belonging to Masa Israel, who give English classes to students in Israel from disadvantaged backgrounds, were just given their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The organization itself released a statement to give the good news. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the shutting down of educational institutions, most of the Teaching Fellows from Masa have been making use of Zoom to give virtual classes. The goal of the vaccination campaign for Teaching Fellows was to ensure that in-person classes could be restored once again. 

While keeping in mind the coronavirus guidelines provided by the Health Ministry for the country, some Teaching Fellows were given permission to begin in-person teaching. 

Aaron Eichelbaum, a Teaching Fellow belonging to Dallas, Texas, took to describing how important their roles are in the classroom, as opposed to giving virtual lessons. He stated that children often take off their facemasks and it is the responsibility of the teachers to remind them to wear them. According to him, their help is quite necessary during this period. 

Eichelbaum further added that he is looking forward to meeting his students in person at school, once they are all given the vaccine. 

Ofer Gutman, the Acting CEO of Masa, further highlighted the contributions that have been made by the Teaching Fellows. They have provided critical and much-needed support to the vulnerable populations in the state of Israel. He also expressed happiness that they were prioritized for vaccination and can continue to give safe help to their communities. 

The CEO went on to add that the vaccination efforts had encouraged the organization. Moreover, he was confident that more and more young people will be able to experience Israel and become a part of its story. He noted how the Teaching Fellows from Masa Israel will always be celebrated for the hard work that they do. 

In other news, more than a 1000 coronavirus vaccines were thrown out because the Clalit Health Fund was unable to find people to vaccinate. Unfortunately, it could not find many citizens before the vaccination expired. 

A report was published to lay emphasis on the significant efforts that are now being taken to ensure that this outcome does not occur again. In addition, people of all ages will be given permission to get themselves vaccinated to prevent vaccines from being wasted. 

One government official informed that the health fund went to great lengths to find people aged over 60, who had not yet been vaccinated. However, since there are not many people left, it was unsuccessful in using all the available vaccines. 

Kalanit Kay, the person-in-charge of the vaccination operation at Clalit, revealed that not many people have been coming to receive the vaccine in the past few days. She added that people have been contacted on Facebook and through text messages as well. The health fund also encouraged people from the area to come in and get vaccinated. But, only younger people showed up to get the first dose of the vaccine.

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