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Teenager in Israel Proposes a Covid-19 Vaccine

Nov 5, 2020

While scientists all over the globe are busy trying to find a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus, a 13-year-old has made her own pitch. Yael Haza, a citizen of the country, has come up with a possible solution for the virus. She proposed that if coronavirus symptoms include coughing, throat aches, and pneumonia, then the medication for all three should be combined to make one medicine. Thus, the authorities are now looking for two volunteers to test this proposal.

The teenager is a representative of the ‘corona generation’. A native of Tel Aviv, she sent a long and detailed letter of her plan to the medical director of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Orit Stein Reisner. The center provides a broad range of rehabilitation services, spread across a total of 12 departments. 

Haza started out her letter by saying that her proposal sounds funny. However, she stated that she is quite serious and has a possible idea for a Covid-19 vaccine. 

In her proposal, the 13-year-old outlines that two volunteers would be needed to test this out. As per her idea, the first volunteer should be given all three medicines at once, whereas the second volunteer will receive medication gradually. The letter also expressed the teenager’s hopes of ensuring that her idea is successful and effective. She believes that it would be in the best interests of the people. 

Dr. Stein Resiner welcomed Haza’s initiative with open arms. She said that it was heartwarming and stunning for her to see the great skill employed by the teenager. She went on to add that she was quite impressed and happy to see that the young generation in the country is proactive, given uncertain future and times. 

As per the doctor, the young generation of the country is exhibiting a strong sense of involvement and investment in production and productivity in the country. She also said that the staff at Reuth Rehabilitation Center is going to offer their full support to Haza and hope that the vaccine proposed by the teenager is soon discovered. 

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