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Tel Aviv Center Shuts Down Following Vaccination of Around 20,000 Foreign Nationals

Apr 14, 2021

In recent news, a vaccination center of the coronavirus located in the neighborhood of Neve Shaanan, in Tel Aviv, shut down following the vaccination of around 20,000 foreign nationals. This was announced by the municipality in a press release. 

The vaccination center had initially been established in cooperation with the Ichilov Medical Center. It was being operated continuously in the past two months while the government ran the vaccination campaign in the country. 

Asylum seekers and refugees were also a part of the group that was given the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Some of these people also possessed unclear legal statuses in the country. 

Soon after the closure of the vaccination center, the municipality of Tel Aviv continued with the vaccination campaign with the help of mobile vaccination units. 

The Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, expressed his pride at the fact that the efforts of the municipality, as well as the country, have ensured that Israel is one of the first countries to administer vaccinations to those seeking asylum and individuals without legal statuses. 

He went on to thank officials of the Health Ministry for their extensive cooperation and appreciated the efforts made by the staff employed at the Ichilov Hospital. He commended their help in the implementation of such a vital initiative as a result of which, around 20,000 foreign nationals received the jab in Tel Aviv-Yafo. 

These relevant foreign nationals received the coronavirus vaccine at The Platform, which is an entrepreneurship center located in the southern area of Tel Aviv. It was converted into a facility, suitable to administer vaccines to the people. 

However, before its conversion, the medical center used to operate as a hub for resources for those seeking asylum. It would help them find a way to earn as they resided in the State of Israel. The last program that was being offered to asylum seekers was a coding one. It was shifted online when the coronavirus pandemic took over the country, consequently shutting down all in-person activities. 

In other news, foreign nationals in Israel with residency or work visas are having considerable trouble. This is happening despite the fact that changes were recently made in the policies related to the entry of foreign nationals in the country. These amendments came soon after relevant authorities began easing the rules and regulations made to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Just last week, the Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority gave permission to first-degree relatives of the citizens of Israel to enter the country, granted that they have been vaccinated. The Tourism and Health Ministries, on the other hand, declared that vaccinated tourists could also enter Israel from the 23rd of May. 

However, numerous cases have been arising related to the individuals who have temporary work and residency visas in Israel. They are not citizens and thus, have been facing many challenges in getting approval for reentry permits. 

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