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The Business Sector in Israel Goes for Instant Covid-19 Tests

Dec 11, 2020

As the economy in the State of Israel gradually reopens, the business sector in the country is readily opting for Sofia Technology. This technology is known for giving results within 15 minutes of taking a coronavirus test.

Sofia was launched by an American-based company, Quidel. Their groundbreaking technology permits at least 40 tests to be conducted in an hour. Thus, instant answers can be provided to customers or employees taking the test, even if they are not in the laboratory.

An instant negative result is an indicator for the person taking the test to continue their usual work routine. However, they must keep in mind to follow other protective measures simultaneously, such as social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks.

In addition, the cost incurred to obtain Sofia’s technology is only one-third of a routine test taken in a laboratory, also known as standard laboratory test (PCR).

Just recently, a study was conducted by Harvard University, which revealed that conducting rapid tests can also lead to a significant fall in the percentage of people infected. The researchers who yielded these results stressed that this reduction in the percentage of infections can get rid of the epidemic in about six weeks.

A lecturer from Harvard University, Dr. Michael Mina, was one of the researchers of this study. Being an epidemiology expert, she pointed out that these rapidly conducted tests help identify who has the disease and who does not. Thus, the technology is particularly effective in figuring out the stages of the coronavirus, specifically the one in which the patient can potentially infect others.

Large companies now have the opportunity to buy a portable Sofia device. It is being sold by the Remipharm Group, who represent the country of Israel on behalf of Quidel. In gyms, small companies, cultural institutions, and marketing chains, the tests can be performed with the help of a medical services company. There are various options for these such as the Novolog group, Salus, and Medicheck, the test company. They all come with Sofia devices and experienced medical staff.

Yael Schneidman, the CEO of Salus Medical Center, stated that Sofia is an important risk management tool that can be utiltized effectively by employers. He further explained that the test allows life to go per the norm.

The results obtained within 15 minutes of the performance of the test come with a high level of certainty. They are a surefire way to allow ongoing business operations to continue without a hitch, while the health of the customers and employees is being cared for.

Additionally, the parties involved will be making a significant contribution to the epidemiological investigations against the outbreak of the pandemic.

Schneidman also talked about the fact that the availability and accessibility of the Sofia technology will enable his company to provide an instant and effective service to employers and employees both.

Sofia is the first rapid Covid-19 antigen test that was approved by the FDA in the US. It allows users to harness smart technology for immediate results and for the benefit of businesses.

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