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Thousands Demand Politicians Avoid Memorial Day Events amidst Overhaul Turmoil

Apr 2, 2023

The judicial overhaul plan of the government has resulted in a national crisis in Israel and the country is still reeling from it.

While the legislation has been halted to give time for negotiations to take place, it has not eased societal tensions and they are likely to impact the solemn days in this month.

Memorial Day

Days like Holocaust Remembrance Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day are usually marked by strict decorum and unity.

In fact, Memorial Day is the most sensitive, as the nation honors the victims of nationalist attacks and terror and fallen soldiers.

These issues affect all sectors of the society rather deeply, no matter what the politics. Scheduled on April 25th, Memorial Day ceremonies are considered sacrosanct, as they honor the fallen.

However, these ceremonies also involve politicians, as state ceremonies take place where members of the government speak at different military cemeteries.

Since the issue of the judicial overhaul process and the upheaval it will cause is still unresolved, a lot of families of the victims do not want government members to attend this year’s ceremonies.

Families that are against the judicial overhaul have warned that they do not want current government’s members to participate in the official ceremonies.

The families

Some overhaul opponents have lost their family members and loved ones in defense of Israel and its democratic values.

Therefore, they have said that they will not tolerate speeches from members of the government who are trying to violate the said democratic values.

As far as those families who are in favor of the judicial overhaul are concerned, they are angry that the critics are involving politics into such a sacred day.

Due to the rise in tensions, there are concerns that there could be protests and heckling during the somber events against the members of the government.

This would further intensify the rift that has been created due to the judicial overhaul efforts of the current government.

The issue

According to reports, thousands of messages were sent to the Public Committee for Memorializing Soldiers in recent days.

These have come from bereaved families that are opposed to the judicial overhaul and they have requested that politicians not attend this year’s events.

Supporters have also submitted opposite requests, as they do not want the tradition to change. The committee has been unable to come to a decision on this matter.

Therefore, they have left it up to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to decide how to proceed. The negotiations are ongoing between the opposition and the government over the judicial overhaul.

However, it is widely believed that the two sides are unlikely to come to an agreement. The talks are being hosted at President Isaac Herzog’s residence.

This came after the legislation process was paused on Monday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in light of the widespread protests.

On Friday, officials involved in the negotiations said that the talks are not showing any fruitful results, as the coalition wants to take control of the Judicial Selection Committee, which is a deal broker for the opposition.

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