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Top Israeli Posts Filled By The Nominees of The Premier

Jun 3, 2022

Two of the most top posts in Israel became vacant when the office holders submitted their back-to-back resignations. The successors of the post were the nominees of the premier and upon whose directions the incumbents took over the charges of Chief of Staff and the Foreign Affairs’ Senior Adviser.

Back-To-Back Resignations Left Top Israeli Posts Vacant

A few weeks ago, two of the top and high powered governmental posts became vacant in Israel. The two vacancies came in the offices of Chief of Staff and Foreign Affairs’ Senior Adviser when the officers submitted their resignations.

Vacancies have now been filled by nominees of Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett who announced filling of the said posts on 30th May, 2022.

The office of Chief of Staff became vacant when Tal Gan-Zvi submitted his resignation. Gan-Zvi had been a close aide to the Prime Minister as the earlier had been with the premier since 2013. Upon Gan-Zvisubmitting his resignation, it was believed that Shimrit Meir, who was the Senior Adviser at the Foreign Affairs, would be taking over the charge.

However, Meir too decided to resign two weeks later after Gan-Zvi. She suggested that 1st June, 2022 will be her last day in the Foreign Affairs office.

Both the departing officials remained close to the Prime Minister for a very long time. However, there were differences between Meir and Gan-Zvi with regard to the present and future policy decisions under the Bennett’s regime.

Impact of Resignations

Now that the two very crucial and key officials of Bennett had resigned, the premier was forced to fill the vacancies by putting his nominees. It has been reported in the news that the resignation of Gan-Zvi is a sign suggesting massive instability in the Bennett’s regime. Already, the Government of Bennett is under pressure as the political party in power has already lost the confidence of majority.

Another Blow In The Stability of Bennett’s Government

Departure of Gan-Zvi and Meir has paved the way for Eden Bizman as Chief of Staff and KerenHajioff as Senior Adviser to Foreign Affairs. Both were already serving on key positions in the offices of State Comptroller and Spokesperson of Israel’s Defense Forces respectively.

Prior to taking over the charge of Chief of Staff, Bizman (aged 34) was associated with the Prime Minister’s office in the capacity of Director-General since 2021. On the other hand, Hajioff (aged 32) was living in the UK and came to Israel in 2009. In her initial days of arrival in the country, she was given the task of spokesperson on behalf of Bennett for the international media.

Official announcement of Bizman and Hajioff resuming their respective offices has been made by the Office of the Prime Minister on 30th May, 2022.

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