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Travelers Coming into Israel to Isolate Until Coronavirus Test Comes Out Negative

Jul 9, 2021

In recent news, people traveling to the State of Israel have been instructed to isolate themselves for a time span of 24 hours, or until they receive a coronavirus test indicating that they do not have the disease. This policy will be implemented from the 16th of July, Friday, as announced by the Health Ministry.

People arriving from countries with high rates of infection will be required to quarantine themselves for at least 10 days. Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Namibia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Paraguay, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, and Seychelles are all countries in this category with severe travel warnings.

The Health Ministry went on to add that if the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen in these concerned countries, they may be deemed as banned. Consequently, the citizens of Israel will not be permitted to fly to any of these, starting from the 12th of July. India, Brazil, and Russia are three such countries, which Israelis cannot fly to.

This Friday was the last day on which Israelis could get the first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine administered. The jabs being stored by the government are going to expire sometime in the next week.

In the last 24 hours, around 450 citizens in the State of Israel tested positive for the deadly disease. This number is only slightly less than what the country has been recording in the last few days, which is a number over 500. Of all those who had undergone the test and been diagnosed with the virus, fifty-five percent had been fully inoculated. 38% were unvaccinated., whereas five percent had been awaiting their second dose. In addition, three percent had previously contracted the virus and since recovered from it.

As of now, the rate of positive tests stands at 0.7 percent and the number of tests carried out was 71,261. These figures were revealed by the Health Ministry in the country, who also added that the R is currently 1.37. It is the average number of individuals infected by each carrier of the coronavirus.

Seventy citizens in the country are in hospice at the moment, due to the virus. 39 of these patients are experiencing severe symptoms of the disease, whereas 16 are in critical condition. 12 people are also on ventilators. The death toll reported by the ministry is 6,434. Two additional patients died just a day ago, out of which one was a 48-year-old man who had been fully inoculated and the other was an unvaccinated 84-year-old Israeli. 

More than 20% of citizens aged 12 have been vaccinated. As per the Health Ministry, 30% of the youngsters aged between 13 and 15 have also been inoculated.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the country, Naftali Bennett, is working together with the finance and health ministers to come up with a plan to be presented to the coronavirus cabinet on Sunday. According to this new plan, a panel will be formed to investigate the possibility of establishing a local vaccine manufacturing plant.

The coronavirus cabinet went on to further inform that in this week, rapid coronavirus testing will also be carried out at the entry points of geriatric facilities. Testing centers will also be set up at summer camps, which admit over 100 participants.

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