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US Official Visits Tel Aviv to Have a Meeting with Palestinian and Israeli Leaders

May 13, 2021

Hady Amr, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for affairs of Palestine and Israel, flew into Tel Aviv to meet with leaders from the State of Israel and Palestine on Friday. His visit is an attempt from the Biden Administration to try and de-escalate the rising tensions between the two countries, as violence flares up even more. 

Amr is supposed to schedule and conduct an extensive round of talks with representatives belonging to the Foreign Ministry in Israel, the Defense Ministry, as well as the Prime Minister of the Jewish state, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Biden Administration is striving to ensure that a ceasefire is declared, possibly before the meeting of the UN Security Council on Sunday. 

Israeli authorities have stated that a ceasefire will mostly depend on the proceedings taking place on the ground, as well as the progress being made with respect to the Israeli operation, and the conduct of the Hamas. 

The Palestinian Affairs Unit, which is a part of the U.S. Embassy located in Jerusalem, took to Twitter to inform that Amr has arrived in Tel Aviv to urge Israel and Palestine to work together towards a sustainable calm. It affirmed that the two sides deserve equal measures of security, prosperity, dignity, and freedom. In light of the escalating clashes in Gaza, the Biden Administration had announced just two days ago that it was going to be sending Amr to the Jewish state at the earliest. 

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has long been the source of growing tensions between policy experts and former officials in the U.S. Thus, Amr was promoted to an envoy-level position, as he is believed to be well-equipped to handle this on a daily basis. The Deputy Assistant Secretary has been praised extensively, all for his entrepreneurial approach to matters. 

Those who are aware of Amr’s background believe that he is capable of building civilized relationships between the two parties. He has been demonstrating his unique ability for a long time. The U.S. official focuses on improving lives, rather than flashy initiatives. 

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary at the White House, added that the Deputy Assistant Secretary had been sent to ensure that Israel, as well as Palestine, works towards lasting peace. It asserted that the Biden Administration has put in its faith and trust into the foreign service official, who has been sent to deal with issues on the ground. 

The White House Press Secretary went on to say that the administration will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation to figure out how the country can take on a constructive role. He affirmed that the engagement of the U.S. is extensive in this conflict. 

Psaki reiterated that the aim of America is to strive towards the de-escalation of tensions. He revealed that meetings are being conducted with numerous leaders in the region, belonging to Israel, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, and anyone else who has the potential to influence Hamas. 

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