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Vaccination Truck Set Up at the Ben-Gurion Airport

Mar 24, 2021

Citizens of the State of Israel, who employ the services of the Clalit Health Services, can now receive the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on their entry into the country. The health fund made an announcement on Monday giving the good news to Israelis regarding getting vaccinated at the Ben-Gurion Airport. 

It was further revealed that the distribution of vaccines will occur through a mobile truck, which has been placed at the 3rd Terminal of the airport. It will be set up in a way, which will allow incoming passengers to gain access to it before they leave the airport to get quarantined. 

The CEO of Clalit Health Service, Prof. Ehud Davidson, took to expressing his happiness at the fact that the health fund is able to give people access to vaccinations. He was especially joyful at the ease being provided to the people who are clients of the health fund. 

On Sunday, the government of Israel gave the green light to implement new rules and suspend the existing entry quotas. This means that the restrictions on the number of citizens allowed to enter the country were removed. 

Moreover, incoming passengers will not be required to get their temperature checked when they enter through the terminal, or before they get on their flights. 

Davidson explained that administering vaccinations at the airport makes life easier for the citizens as it shortens the process. He added that it provides protection not only to individuals getting vaccination but to their families as well. 

On the other hand, citizens traveling abroad still have to undergo coronavirus testing before they get on a flight to return to Israel. In addition, they have to get tested once again upon their arrival into the country. 

The High Court of Justice, just last Wednesday, abolished all the previously implemented restrictions, which limited the number of citizens entering the country. It also canceled another limit, as per which some citizens had to seek special approval to reenter the country from the Exceptions Committee. 

These new guidelines will stay in place until the 28th of March, Sunday. 

In other news, a flight traveling from the Czech Republic to Prague decided to stop for a few hours at the Ben-Gurion Airport. This decision was taken to ensure that the citizens of the State of Israel on board could get vaccinated. 

Around a hundred citizens, most of whom were medical students, had been on this flight. The students had made payments of no less than 420 euros just for two round-trip tickets between Prague and the airport.

However, the flight was about to get suspended by the end of last week. This was likely to happen soon after the Airports Authority in Israel made an announcement regarding the complexity of the situation of opening up skies to the world. It stated that citizens will not be able to receive the vaccination on the terminal, instead the setup would have to be done in the parking lot. This would mean that the students would have to deal with ten days of quarantine, as well as passport control.

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