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Work Lunches and Office Gyms to Resume after Fall in Infection Rate

Mar 16, 2021

The State of Israel reported more than 2,000 cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday. Around 2.4% of the tests carried out returned positive, as per the update provided by the Health Ministry early on Tuesday morning. 

Of all the patients infected, more than 600 were reported to be in a serious condition. On the other hand, over 200 people were on ventilators and the death toll stood at 6,037.

Meanwhile, the proposal of the Finance Ministry was approved by the Ministerial Committee for coronavirus. As per the plan, restrictions in the country are to be eased further following a fall in the infection rate in Israel. Moreover, a greater number of people are being vaccinated, as informed by the Office of the Prime Minister via a joint statement. 

From the 18th of March, businesses in the country will be able to permit their employees to go to gyms and eat in lunchrooms. Professional conventions will also be open for participation. However, workers will have to provide proof of a ‘Green Passport’ as outlined in the ‘Purple Note’ guidelines, which are currently being imposed in Israel. 

On the other hand, employees who have not yet been vaccinated are required to participate in professional conventions only virtually. This also means that they will not be allowed to eat in lunchrooms, rather outside or in their individual offices. 

It was further outlined that temperature checks before entering workplaces will no longer be necessary. 

Meanwhile, a healthy pregnant woman, who had no underlying conditions, died due to the coronavirus on Monday night. She was hospitalized previously at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, located in Hadera, where she passed away. Her baby, however, was saved after the doctors performed a cesarean section and declared it to be in a good condition. 

In other news, hotels in Jerusalem are looking forward to the soon-to-come Passover holiday, as a celebration of the renewal of hope of the citizens of the country. But, restrictions have been placed on them regarding the number of guests that are allowed to stay. 

The hotels in the country were finally allowed to open up around three weeks ago. This happened after a number of lockdowns kept them shut down since the early days of September. 

As per the latest regulations, only people who have been given both the shots of the coronavirus vaccine or have contracted the virus before and since recovered, are allowed to book a room at the hotel. 

Moreover, the hospitality industry is now offering 100% refunds on its cancellation policies, in case of quarantines or closures. 

The seven-day holiday will begin on the 27th of March on Saturday, which is a popular time for tourists from the United States of America and the rest of the world to visit Israel. But, since airports in the country are still not allowing non-citizens to enter, hotels are limited to guests from within the borders. 

Despite the many limitations, demand in the country for hotels in Jerusalem is quite high. The workers, especially, are quite excited to be back in business.

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