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Young Jews Volunteering to Help with Vaccinations Receive the Jab

May 5, 2021

The Israel Experience Company recently revealed that it has given the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine early to the young people who arrived in Israel to volunteer. They had been called by the Masa Israel Journey organization. 

The statement revealed that more than 5,000 individuals have been given the jab for their volunteering efforts. Many of these youngsters have had to suffer the loss of relatives on account of the coronavirus. 

The CEO of Israel Experience, which is an educational tourism company, Amos Hermon, said that the organization made a significant effort to ensure that Jews from different parts of the world were brought into the State of Israel. This step was taken to ensure that these youngsters were able to go through a one-time experience that provides them with a chance to connect with the country. 

He went on to commend the safe efforts of the team. He added that the company made sure to comply with all the safety guidelines provided by the Health Ministry, in order to prove that the organization’s model for safe incoming tourism is effective. 

The people who came in from areas, such as South and North American, received their jabs in Beit Leni, located in Tel Aviv. The CEO informed that the situation of the pandemic is much better in Israel, as compared to Argentina. A 27-year-old student, Camila Levin, also agreed with him.

Belonging to Buenos Aires in Argentina, she is currently in Israel completing her studies. She stated that she is thinking about making Aliya in a couple of months. Levin further explained that her entire family has tested positive for the disease. Vaccines are short in supply in Argentina, and people are succumbing to the virus on a daily basis. 

A handful of people from Palestine have also made the trip to Beit Leni to get vaccinated. Moreover, the validity of the green passports given by the government of the State of Israel has been extended till the end of this year. This happened on the recommendations of the Health Ministry, who also announced that the people of the country will not need to get a third shot of the coronavirus vaccine before then.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Tel Aviv has revealed that it is going to be reopening the country for tourism and allowing all those who have been vaccinated. This plan will come into effect from the 23rd of May. 

As of now, the country is making preparations to bring back international tourism after being on a hiatus for around a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Relevant authorities have stated that the skies will be open to tourists from all over the world in the last week of May. 

The Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, released a statement in which he talked about how important tourism is to maintain the identity of Tel Aviv-Yafo. He added how the city offers top-notch cultural, culinary, and urban experiences to the tourists coming in.

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